Reinventing Excitement on Anguilla

The Extraordinary New Kishti Villa Collection

Kishti, an Urdu word for boat or canoe, is often used by poets and composers to express a mystic sense of being at one with the sea, in tune with nature and the lords of creation.

The owners have co-opted the word to spotlight the mystical aesthetics and Eastern/Western sensibilities of their new collection of three stunning villas on Anguilla.

The Ultimate private villa experience on Anguilla

Kishti Villas brings a new standard of luxury and service to the Caribbean

Spacious living

With spectacular views of the sea

Private residence

Seclusion and privacy

Ultimate Luxury and Seclusion

Right on the beach


Tranquility in blue

Anguilla is a British Overseas Territory in the Caribbean, one of the most northerly of the Leeward Islands, 16 miles long and about 3 miles wide, with a population estimated at around 16,000. Beaches define Anguilla. It’s amazing that such a teeny speck of a Caribbean island could have so much sand! Anguilla’s crown jewels, her 33 pristine white sand beaches, are as beautiful and inviting as they always have been, some now sporting even more powder-soft white sand as a result of recent constructive waves.

Anguilla continues to be a destination of choice among visitors from around the world, offering what many perceive as “the Caribbean vacation experience the way it used to be”: no manicured roadsides, no cookie-cutter buildings, just authentic island living. Its appeal as a destination continues to derive from its stunning collection of beaches – pristine, powder-white sand, crystalline, azure-blue waters, and balmy trade winds that ensure a consistent water temperature of 75 degrees.

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The architectural detail

Minimal designed pieces by artisans

The residences challenge traditional notions of shelter and nature as separate domains, with interiors and exteriors blurred in a seamless interplay of architectural design, architecture, and landscape design. Custom millwork, complementary furnishings and subtle accents highlight the residences. Asian accents are an inspiring theme.